The lithic industries of the Palmyra Basin - Syria

Auteur : Pascale Binant

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ISBN : 978-2-36461-024-8


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In Syria, prehistoric material testifies of a very old occupation. The stratigraphy accumulated of the known sites give evidence of the human presence in the Near East since 1,3 million years. In the course of the millenniums the people regularly settled down there: around water sources. In the pond of Palmyra, prehistoric remains are many and varied. So, in this dry region, for a long time, the presence of the water seems to have made of Palmyra a place of anchoring. The concentration of sites on this restricted geographical area contradicts the idea of rare occupations in these steppiques zones during the prehistory. This very old antiquity is presented here from the excavations of the site of Umm el Tlel, under the shape of a notebook with, to the back, a general stratigraphy of the Syrian prehistory.

General information in the form of a leaflet of six shutters. Realized for the exhibition "Sawane, Prehistory of the Syrian desert",  installed to the museum of Damascus in 2010.
Curator of the exhibition Pascale Binant
With an illustrated and commented stratigraphy of reference on the back, from the ancient Palaeolithic to Neolithic.

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ISBN : 978-2-36461-024-8